Providing You with Qualified Talent

As an international recruiting firm with contingency search expertise focused on the software industry, Search Pro Direct is known for providing rapid results that save you time… so you can do what you do best… rather than wasting hours screening unqualified applicants. We focus on shorter search cycles for those ‘hard to fill’ positions. Our in-depth, multi-pronged recruitment strategies give our clients greater efficiency that ultimately saves both time and money when acquiring top talent.

Let’s face it. The world of recruiting has changed. If you are a busy hiring manager, finding the time to sift through resumes and LinkedIn profiles for the best candidates can be daunting. It is critical to attract top talent quickly. Search Pro Direct has the experience it takes to find the best and brightest, presenting you with qualified resources for your most hard to fill roles.

Whether you are looking for implementation consultants, quota-busting sales and marketing staff, product managers, trainers, or other customer-facing team members, we can help.

With extensive experience, Search Pro Direct is highly skilled at using a variety of recruiting methods in a variety of verticals, and has a comprehensive network of resources. We take advantage of social media and the latest technology to source the best and brightest in Cloud / SaaS technology. Our proven history of placing top professionals in multiple roles throughout the US has made us a highly respected agency with start-ups, mid-sized, and Fortune

We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best!

While we are adept at recruiting in all industries, we have extra industry experience in the following verticals:

  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Big Data / Business Intelligence
  • CX Loyalty / Rewards Offerings
  • Human Resources SaaS
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Insurance Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • IaaS / PaaS
  • and more…


Search Pro Direct places IT professionals throughout the US with a focus on implementation consultants, product managers, marketing leaders, sales pros, and other customer-facing roles within the Cloud technology software space. All direct-hire searches are conducted on a contingency basis. We do not charge a fee unless a successful placement is made and we offer a guarantee as well.



When you work with Search Pro Direct to hire permanent employees, you access our modern methods of staffing that take advantage of a strong national network of recruiters and top-notch candidates.  Our resources and recruitment strategies leverage every possible avenue resulting in excellent placement results.

For customized support and service

you can depend on Search Pro Direct every step of the way.

Initial Conversation

We get to the core of what you need quickly without wasting any time. Our initial discussion will focus on the challenges your search presents and identify the critical needs of your organization. We will rapidly identify your ‘MUST HAVES’ vs. your ‘DON’T WANTS’.

Search Activation

Search Pro Direct will get to work right away and pre-qualify candidates to determine their technical strengths, interpersonal skills, compensation goals, travel capabilities, and career objectives. We will painstakingly weed out the ‘NO GOs’.

Clients Presentation

After screening candidates, we will present them to you with a summary that includes the positive attributes of the applicant along with any concerns that might need to be addressed. We focus on win-win relationships and differ from other firms in terms of transparency. Our success hinges upon customer satisfaction.

Candidate Contact

Once you have had an opportunity to review the information and determine if that particular candidate is on the short list for an initial interview, we set that up.  If you are a growing start-up with the need for extra support, we are able to aid in booking flights and coordinating other travel arrangements as requested as part of our value-added services.


Search Pro Direct also conducts varying levels of offer negotiation depending upon client preference. We are able to make offer letter presentations, review information related to salary structure and bonuses, and discuss benefits information. We smooth over concern areas and provide candidates with an understanding of what your firm can and cannot offer while encouraging a win-win situation with a higher percentage of success than other competitors.